My Portfolio

Hello there! My name is Adrian. I’m an aspiring artist and illustrator.

I have been interested in art from an early age and my work has been mainly influenced by comic books.

I am a traditional artist who is mostly self-taught and I work mostly with pencil and occasionaly with pen. I do my best to create work that is visually stunning and detailed.

I try not to limit myself but I enjoy creating fan art based on comic books, TV, games and so much more. My areas of interest include concept art, comic book and book cover art and penciling.

I have a passion for creativity and I want to keep improving as a pencil artist and would like to venture into digital art as well.

My desire is to inspire passion and creativity in others through my work.

I created this platform as an outlet for me to express and show my creative side.

Here is my recent work from 2020

Have a look at other work I have done over the years.

Thanks for viewing!

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